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Creating and sending out notifications via Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Feature

With the new facebook messenger feature it is now possible to provide shipment updates to customers via facebook messenger after they opted-in via the Tracking Page or Embedded widget for receiving those updates. Seven Senders partnered up with chatchamp for this feature. 

1. Enable the Feature in Seven Senders Portal

To request access to the facebook messenger feature use the chat within Seven Senders Portal or simply follow this link.

2. Set up a Chatchamp Account and define the notifications (campaigns) that should be send-out 

Creating and setting-up a chatchamp account is required to connect your existing facebook page with Seven Senders Portal. Please visit the chatchamp help center for further information about how to create and schedule campaigns.

Please note, at the moment it is only possible to send campaigns based on three events:

  • In transit

  • Out for Delivery

  • Delivered

3. Adding and customizing the Facebook messenger widget  

Navigate to the “widgets” section within the Tracking Page or Embedded Widget editor . Than click on “add new widget” and select the “Facebook” messenger widget. 

The widgets “title” as well as the “subtile are customizable. The chatchamp ID represents the Facebook Page from which the campaigns are sent from.

IMPORTANT: in order to make the facebook widget work, the chatchamp ID needs to be inserted into the input field. The chatchamp ID can be retrieved from the settings within the chatchamp account (see screenshot). 

The facebook messenger feature is a great tool to reach customers through an additional communication channel.