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Downloading Looks

This page discusses how to download the data or a visualization from a Look or from the Explore page in a variety of formats. Downloading dashboards is discussed separately on the Viewing Dashboards in Analytics page.

Download data from a Look

To download data from a Look or an Explore page, click the gear dropdown in the upper right and select Download:

File Formats

Data can be downloaded in the following formats:

  • CSV
  • Excel Spreadsheet (XLSX)
  • HTML
  • JSON
  • PNG (Image of Visualization)
  • TXT (tab-separated values)


In the Results section, choose whether you want visualization settings applied to your data download:

If you choose With visualization options applied, Analytics applies some of the visualization settings to your download, causing your download to appear similar to a table chart. Any of the following settings in the Plot and Series menus that are configured for the visualization will be applied to the data download:


In the Values section, choose how you want the downloaded query results to appear:

  • If you choose Unformatted, Analytics does not apply any special formatting of your query results, such as rounding long numbers or adding special characters your Analytics developers may have put in place. This is often preferred when data is being fed into another tool for processing.
  • If you choose Formatted the data will appear more similar to the Explore experience in Analytics, although some features (such as linking) aren’t supported by all file types.


You can choose how much data you want to download as follows:

  • Results in table - Number of rows specified by the row limit of your Look.
  • All Results - All results returned by the query. Before selecting this option, see the All Results section below.

All Results

When you click Run in a Look or an Explore, Analytics checks determines whether the complexity of the query and the database dialect will allow the entire query to be downloaded:

The All Results option is typically disabled for queries that have one of these characteristics:

  • involving row totals or table calculations
  • using 'percent of total', 'percent of previous', or 'running totals' types of measures
  • including pivoted columns that Analytics calculates because the data comes from a database dialect that can’t calculate the pivots

If Analytics determines that your entire query can be downloaded, the All Results option will be available in the Download window. Otherwise, the All Results option will be unavailable and you can instead use the Custom option to specify the maximum number of rows allowed with your permissions.

Download or Open in Browser

Once you’ve selected your options, you can click the Download button to download a file to your computer, or click Open in Browser to view the file in the browser.

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