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Parcel Finder

Whenever there’s information for an order or a shipment needed, parcel finder is there to help. With this feature it’s possible to track orders or shipments through the order id or the tracking code. The Parcel finder is located in the left sidebar menu next to Touchpoints and Analytics. 

To find a parcel, simply enter either the tracking code or the order id in the search bar and find results below. Note, the search function solely works with the above-mentioned information (order id or tracking code). It’s planned to extend the search function in the future. 

When searching for an order, parcel finder will automatically show all shipments connected to it. Same applies vice versa. The preview of the search results shows several details about the order or the shipment. For example you can see the status, the creation date, the name and address as well as the carrier and the carrier country. If you want even further information click ‘View details’ to find full information on an order or a particular shipment.

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