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Integration to Seven Senders via API

To integrate with Seven Senders through API in order to use our Delivery Services and/or Software Solution -  Seven Senders Portal- follow the documentation. 

  • Use to connect. 
  • Click here to integrate to use Delivery Service with final carrier labels and Seven Senders Portal
  • Click here to integrate to use  Seven Senders Portal
  • Click here to complete the first steps in the Seven Senders Portal for successful integration

Creating a Client for SevenSenders API

  1. Copy URL You can also reach the page by clicking the “json” link at the bottom right of
  2. Follow the File  Import URL steps at (github) swagger editor to import the Seven Senders OpenAPI document data to Tip: Alternatively, you can also replace the contents in the left pane editor of with the data copied from
  3. To create a client, click Generate Client. In the dropdown menu select the suitable language or framework to generate the client, for example, PHP. The client will be downloaded as a ZIP archive.

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