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Bartolini Specific Implementation

Bartolini requires specific data transfer in the 7S API. For all shipments with other carriers, except Bartolini in Italy, the data transfer is the same. For Bartolini the data transfer needs to be different.

Normally when transmitting a shipment to Seven Senders via 7S API following parameter content is required:

  •  tracking_code: required (cf. Create a Shipment). 

  • reference_number: optional and mostly empty

  • carrier_name: required 

  • carrier_country: required

In case of BRT the parameters have to be set like this:

  •  tracking_code:  must be empty

  • reference_number: mandatory

  • carrier_name: must be empty 

  • carrier_country: must be empty

Once BRT scans the parcels in the hub, Seven Senders automatically retrieves the generated tracking codes and updates the corresponding shipments.

Note: this reference number has to be unique and needs to be identical to the number transmitted to BRT in the EDI file when notifying them about the shipment!

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