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Managing Service Level Agreements

About Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Service level agreements (SLAs) are the sets of parameters that define the contractual lead time on each route with a carrier. Each carrier on a route to a specific country can have different numbers of days needed for the complete delivery. Based on the provided data, Seven Senders Portal calculates a various number of metrics that allow to monitor the carrier performance or to show the estimated time of arrival on your tracking page. 

Adding a new SLA

In order to create a new SLA record, click on the  Account button in the bottom left corner. Then, click Shopping settings tab. Here, you will find SLAs tab under Settings. In order to add a new one, click at Add new button in the top right corner.

  • Carrier Company : The carrier company's name
  • Carrier Country: Country of the carrier company (eg: Shipping with Colissimo to France, Country = France. But sending with DHL Express Germany to France Country = Germany)
  • Delivery Country: Destination Country
  • Service Level Agreement (days): Contractual number of days from first hub scan to first delivery attempt
  • First Hub Scan Timeout (hours): Supposed number of hours between planned pick up and first hub scan. If exceeded, the FHS timeout event is triggered.
  • FDA Timeout (days): Supposed number of days from first hub scan to first delivery attempt. If exceeded, the FDA timeout event is triggered.
  • Warehouse: The warehouse from which the consignments are picked up by the carrier/ freight forwarder
  • Number of delivery attempts before the carrier returns the shipment: The carrier initiates a postal return after the contractual amount of delivery attempts is exceeded

In order to submit your SLA, click Create.

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