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Managing your Users

  • Access Types
  • Roles
  • Add or change users

First, click on Account button in the bottom left corner, then click Shop settings tab. Under ‘Settings’ > ‘User Management’  Seven Senders Portal users of an account can easily be managed.

A table containing all users, their access types as well as roles are displayed at this section. 

Access Types

Users can have different Access types. This makes it possible to give or restrain access from particular areas of  Seven Senders Portal. The following access types are available:

  1. Touchpoints = user is able to access the Touchpoints features
  2. Analytics = user is able to access the Analytics features
  3. Touchpoints & Analytics = user is able to access both - Analytics as well as Touchpoints

To change the Access types contact us via the  Seven Senders Portal chat.


All  Seven Senders Portal-Users can have individual roles throughout the platform. 

  1. An Explorer can create and manage own dashboards in the Explore-section of Analytics
  2. Admin has access to all shop settings. If neither Admin or Explore roles are assigned then the normal user-role applies.
  3. Normal users they have access to the basic suite and the different areas of  Seven Senders Portal they have been given access to

Add or change users

To create a new user or change an existing one, simply follow the ‘Add or change users’ button into the support chat and contact one of our support agents for user management.

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