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Communication Center

This is the very beginning of the Communication Center, following referred to as Comms Center.

What is the Comms Center?

The 7S Portal should serve you as the single source of truth and the go to tool around all your delivery data. Therefore the Comms Center is adding value on diving deeper into data related to your invoice and contractual agreements.

In order to serve this purpose, the Comms Center is currently providing you with the following two dashboards:

If you want to get to know more about each of these dashboards, just click on one of the dashboard titles above.

Where do I find the Comms Center?

The Comms Center is accessible via the vertical navigation of the 7S Portal right underneath Analytics..

Who has access to the Comms Center?

The Comms Center enables everyone in the company who has an Admin role in the Seven Senders Portal to enter it. This ensures that just specific persons in your company, such as finance or operations, have access to the sensitive data within the Comms Center.

How to get started with the Comms Center?

1. To enter the Comms Center you need to login into your Seven Senders Portal and navigate to the Comms Center Icon right underneath Analytics within the vertical navigation.

This access will just be available for Admin users only.

2. Clicking on the Comms Center you will by default be directed to your delivery performance dashboard, but can just click on Partner Interface Usage in order to check the dashboard behind.

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