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Delivery Performance Dashboard

This page should help you understand the usage and benefits of the delivery performance dashboard.

What is the goal of this dashboard?

The dashboard helps you to gain insights on your delivery performance and to better understand on which base your invoice has been created by Seven Senders.

What benefits does the dashboard provide me?

With the delivery performance dashboard you can easily check the individual performance of each country at just one place containing the following KPIs:

  • PAC per year (runrate without go-live month with historic data until July 2019)
  • Average Parcel Density (PAC/PAL)
  • Average parcel weight (kg)
  • Shipments per month
  • Average Parcel Density (PAC/PAL) per month
  • Average parcel weight (kg) per month

Furthermore you can easily compare the amount of shipments with your invoice. With those information given, less unclarity and therefore questions should come up. If something is still unclear anyways the delivery performance dashboard will be the single source of truth for both parties, you and Seven Senders, and make sure, everyone is on the same page.

How do I use the dashboard properly?

1. Navigate to the Comms Center and click on delivery performance dashboard to access the dashboard.

Don't be afraid, if you don't see any data in the first place. This is totally fine, since the KPIs are based on the countries you are shipping to.

2. Click on Filters on the top of the dashboard and filter at least on the country you would like to have a deeper look into.

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