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The Claim Centre

The Claim Centre - Submit, Track and Manage Claims

The Claim Centre is the one location where you can submit, track and manage all of your claims. Visit the Claim Centre


Submit A Claim

Submitting a claim via the Claim Centre is similar to submitting a claim via Parcel Finder. Simply click the Submit a claim button and follow the steps. For more detailed information please read the support article - How to submit a claim

Track Your Claims

The Claim Centre displays all your claims, so you can track their progress from submission to credit note creation. 

Understanding the KPIs

There are 6 KPIs at the top of the page. They indicate how many claims you have in each specific status

  1. Total Open Claims: Total number of claims that are currently in the process of either being paid or declined. Total open claims is the sum of all claims in the statuses: Submitted, Action Required, In Progress, Accepted and Credit Note Pending 
  2. Submitted: Claims which have been submitted but have yet to be reviewed by our team 
  3. Action Required: Claims that were reviewed by our team and now require you to provide additional information or documents before the claim can be accepted. 
  4. In Progress: Claims currently being reviewed by our team. This process can take up to 14 days 
  5. Accepted: Claims that have accepted and will be paid. 
  6. Credit Note Pending: Claims that have been accepted and are waiting for their credit note to be created, which happens once per month.

Additional statuses not part of the KPIs

The following status are reserved for claims that are considered closed. No further action is expected to be taken on them. 

  1. Successful: Credit note has been issued.
  2. Declined: The claims was not accepted. You will receive a notification letting you know exactly why your claim was declined. If you wish to dispute the claim being declined, please email:


You can filter the list of claims by status or type of claim. Once you have selected a filter or multiple filters, only claims which match those filters will be displayed


Your can find a specific claim by searching via tracking code. Simply enter the tracking code and if a claim exists for the shipment with the same tracking code, it will be displayed

Understanding the Claim

  1. Claim Status: Status of the claim (as explained above)
  2. Claim Type: Type of claim you submitted, either Investigation, Partial or Whole Damage. 
  3. Claim Value: Net value of the claim
  4. Submission Date: The date which you submitted the claim
  5. Tracking Code: The tracking code of the shipment which the claim was submitted against. 
  6. View Details: View shipment tracking information

Manage Claims

You can manage your claims 100% within the Claims Centre. Any time a claim requires additional input after submission, it will be put into the status 'Action Required.' Once the claim is in this status, a 'Take Action' button will appear. Clicking this button will open a side panel showing the reason why the claim requires action. It will also have the necessary tools to enable you to make the required changes. Once you have taken the action the claim will be put into the status 'Resubmitted.' Our Customer Service team will then review the changes and either accept the claim or place it back into the status 'Action Required.'

If your claim's in the status 'ActionRequired' and the reason doesn't fit one of our standard responses, you will be referred to the email notification for the reason why it's in the status 'Action Required'. You can still use the rest of the 'Take Action' functionality as normal, either adding a comment or uploading documents

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