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Claims FAQ (English)


When can the parcel be claimed?

Claims can be filed for parcels that have a scan at the last mile carrier.

What is the difference between investigation claim and damage claim? 

An investigation claim is filed if an item has not been delivered according to the recipient or if no progress can be seen in the tracking. A damage claim is filed if the contents of a consignment were delivered damaged or incomplete.

When can I submit an investigation claim?

You can submit an investigation claim for any shipment which has had a first hub scan and the first hub scan took place between 2 - 25 days before submission.  

When can I submit a damage claim?

You can submit a damage claim for any shipment which has been delivered and the shipment was delivered a maximum of 4 days before submission.

What documents do I need provide in order to submit a claim?

For investigation and damage claims you will always need to provide a screenshot of the tracking page and invoice. Damage claims require photos of the damage and for investigation claims, which have a delivered event, you will need to provide a declaration of receipt (DOR). For more information about document requirements please see the support article - Submission Document Requirements

Which amount needs to be entered when claiming a parcel?

For every claimed shipment the net value must be entered in the claim portal. Gross amounts cannot be accepted and will be corrected.

I don't see the submit a claim button.

The submit a claim button only appears if the claim is eligible for submission. Common reasons why you can't submit a claim

  • Shipment is not delivered by Seven Senders
  • The shipment doesn't have a first hub scan
  • The shipment is to be delivered in the DACH region and you're not enabled for DACH claims

If you can't submit a claim and it's not due to one of the reasons mentioned above, please open a conversation using our in app chat.

What happens after I have submitted a claim?

Once you've submitted a claim, it will be reviewed by our team and either accepted, require additional action or declined. Please note this process can take up to 2 weeks.

If you claim requires additional action or is declined you will be notified of the reason via email.

Once the claim has been accepted a credit note will be created at the end of the month and applied to your invoice.

Where can the status of the claim be checked?

After a claim has been submitted via our Seven Senders Portal the status of each claim is updated according to its progress and can be checked in the Claims Center.

Which claim status updates are available in the 7S Portal?

Your claim can have one of the following statuses:

I have claims in the status 'Action Required.' What do I need to do? 

When your claim is in the status 'Action Required' it means you must provide additional information or documents before it will be accepted. You will be notified via email exactly what the issue is and how to fix it.

I've submitted the wrong value.

The value of the claim should always be the net value of the items lost or damaged, please ensure to exclude taxes. If however, you've entered the wrong amount, our team will adjust it for you using the invoice supplied or they will get in touch via email for clarification.

My claim was rejected and I wish to dispute it.

Please email and our friendly Customer Support team will be able to help.

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