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Displaying non-trackable shipments on the Tracking Page

Displaying non-trackable shipments on the Tracking Page

Seven Senders Portal supports non-trackable shipments to offer the option to keep customers informed via Seven Senders Portal Tracking Pages for shipments without tracking information. These are for example shipments sent via regular mail services. To provide a positive customer experience and show sending progress, Seven Senders Portal calculates waypoints based on information transferred by you to the system.

Since non-trackable shipments behave differently, it is strongly recommended to set up specific communication and wording for such cases in Seven Senders Portal.

To inform Seven Senders Portal that a shipment is not trackable, a new parameter, called 'trackable' (POST/shipment), has been introduced. The value of this parameter needs to be set to 'false' when creating a non-trackable shipment within Seven Senders Portal. For validation reasons, it is still required to provide a tracking code (for more information see

The Tracking Page will be adjusted automatically for shipments that have been transferred as 'non-trackable'. Only three events will be visible on the tracking page (see screenshot below).

The table below shows the three events and their underlying logic:

Event/Status name


Non-trackable shipment created 

Will be created/displayed when the shipment has been created in Seven Senders Portal

On its way 

Will be triggered by the Parameter 'Planned Pickup Date' (once the date is in the past) 

Expected to be delivered 

Planned Pickup Date + Service Level Agreement 

Important note:

In order to display the event 'expected to be delivered'  the SLAs needs to be added to the Seven Senders Portal account (see Managing Service Level Agreements)

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