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Checking If Notifications Have Been Sent

Sending Logic

You can check to see if notifications are being sent for a specific Sending Logic by viewing the Sending Logic overview page and checking the email KPI "Sent." This will show how many notifications have been sent in the past 7 days. If the number is 0, then no notifications have been sent. 

For debugging why your notifications are not being sent, please see the Support Portal entry - Why are my email notifications not being sent?

Individual Shipment or Order 

You can check to see if notifications has been sent for an individual Order or Shipment via the Notification Log. The notification log is a record of each and every notification sent for a specific Order or Shipment. You can find the notification log via the view details button after searching for a specific Order or Shipment in the Parcel Finder. 

Once in the details page scroll to the bottom of the page


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