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Why are my email notifications not being sent?

You have set up your localisation, you have created an email template, you have set up the sending logic and still, your emails seem not to go through. What went wrong? 

In this article, we have listed the most common mistakes when creating email notifications.

1. You have chosen the wrong localisation in your Sending Logic

As simple as it sounds, if you have several localisations set up, it could happen that you have mistakenly chosen the wrong localisation. Make sure your localisation matches the order URL and language of your orders. 

2. You are not sending us the order URL and/or the order language

For notifications to be sent, a localisation has to be chosen. Localisations are used to match orders (and consequently shipments) to notifications. The linking elements are the order URL and the order language that you as a shop provide us on your API posts. If you don't provide us with these two pieces of information, we won't be able to match your orders to your localisations and thus, to your customer notifications. You can learn more about how to send us this information in this article.

3. You are sending us the wrong order URL and/or order language

As mentioned in the point above, the order URL and the order language must be sent to Seven Senders to link your orders to your localisations. Make sure that you set up the localisations matching the information that you send us. For example, if you are sending us the order URL of your Danish shop as and the order language is English (en), make sure you choose the same combination when creating your localisations. Do not set up your localisation language to Danish (dk) but to English (en) so it matches the information you are sending us via the API. 

4. You are using the wrong dynamic placeholder

Dynamic placeholders are a very powerful tool when customising your email notifications towards your customers since they allow you to add dynamic content and make your emails personalised. However, you must be aware that these placeholders must follow some rules and they must track the right information back. Placeholders in other languages rather than English (such as {{DireccionCliente}}) or with spaces (such as {{Customer Address City}}) won't be able to trace the information and thus will incur in an error. Your notifications won't be sent.

If you have checked all the cases above and everything seems to be right but still notifications aren't sent, drop us a message in the chat, we will address your issue shortly.

5. You have configured you sending logic wrong

If you want notifications sent consumers you must ensure that the sending logic is configured correctly. It must be set to either 'Send To' 'Customers only' or 'Shop and customers.' This is done on step 4 'Configure email sending' of setting up a sending logic 


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