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Reducing your bounce rate

DKIM and SPF Records

DKIM and SPF records help ensure your emails are recognized as authentic and not automatically marked as spam or bounced. You can read further about these records here: DKIM and SPF

How to setup DKIM and SPF 

  1. Validate the email address you want to send from inside the Seven Senders Portal. For more information see setting up sending logics

  2. Send a message to either your KAM or via our in app chat requesting the records be created

  3. Seven Senders will create the records for the domain(s) you want to send emails from and send them to you.

  4. Update the records with your domain provider

Please note: DKIM and SPF records are unique to each domain. If you want to send emails from different email addresses but at the same domain, you only need to create the records once but if you want to use different email addresses at different domains you have to create the records for each domain.


  • and use the same domain and only require the records to be created once.

  • and use different domains and require the records to be created twice, once per domain.

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