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Impact of Holidays

This tutorial introduces you to the usage of the field "Holiday Impact". Afterwards you will be able to identify shipments where the delivery is impacted by public holidays.

You can evaluate the delivery performance of carriers during holiday season as well as excluding any shipments affected by holidays by simply adding the dimension and/or measure to your Looks and Dashboards.  


With the holiday dimension 'Impacted (Yes/No) you are able to label shipments that might be shipped during a public holiday. The dimension includes a public nation-wide holiday in the country of the warehouse, consumer or carrier. The day counts as a holiday in the warehouse country, when it is between the planned pickup date and first hub scan. It counts as a holiday in the consumer and carrier country, when the holiday is at a date between the first hub scan and the first delivery attempt.


  • The holiday dimension is just taking in consideration public nation-wide holidays and no regional ones


  • The shipment is not crossing country borders between pick-up scan and first hub scan as well as between first hub scan and first delivery attempt

The dimension 'Impacted by' will tell you the exact holiday by which the specific shipment has been affected.

By using the measures "# Impacted by Holidays" or "% Impacted by Holidays" you can rather check the absolute or relative amount of affected shipments.

Overview of the public nation-wide holidays

For 2019 we are taking the following public holidays in account:

Date CountryHoliday
1.JanuaryAD, AL, AM, AT, BY, BE, BA, BG, CY, CZ, DE,
New Year's Day
1.JanuarySKRepublic Day
2.JanuaryAL, AM, BA, GE, ME, RO, RS, RU, SI, XKNew Year's Day (Day 2)
2.JanuaryLIBerchtold Day
3.JanuaryAM, RUNew Year's Day (Day 3)
4.JanuaryAM, RUNew Year's Day (Day 4)
5.JanuaryAMChristmas Eve
6.JanuaryAD, AT, CY, ES,  FI, HR, GR, IT, LI, PL, SE, SK, SMEpiphany
6.JanuaryAMChristmas Day
6.JanuaryBA, MEOrthodox Christmas Eve
7.JanuaryBA, BY, GE, MD, ME, RU, RS, UA, XKOrthodox Christmas Day
8.JanuaryMD, MEOrthodox Christmas Day holiday
8.JanuaryRUNew Year Holiday Week
19.JanuaryGEOrthodox Epiphany
24.JanuaryROUnification Day
27.JanuaryMCSaint Devote's Day
28.JanuaryAMArmy Day
5.FebruarySMFeast of St Agatha
8.FebruarySIPrešeren Day
15.FebruaryRSStatehood Day of the Republic of Serbia
16.FebruaryLTIndependence Restoration Day
16.FebruaryRSStatehood Day of the Republic of Serbia (Day 2)
17.FebruaryXKIndependence Day of the Republic of Kosovo
18.FebruaryXKIndependence Day of the Republic of Kosovo 
23.FebruaryRUDefender of the Fatherland Day
24.FebruaryEEIndependence Day
1.MarchBAIndependence Day
3.MarchBGLiberation Day
3.MarchGEMothers' Day
4.MarchBGLiberation Day observed
5.MarchLICarnival/Shrove Tuesday
8.MarchAM, BY, GE, MD, RU, UAInternational Women's Day
11.MarchCYGreen Monday
11.MarchGRClean Monday
11.MarchLTIndependence Day/National Day
14.MarchALSummer Day
14.MarchADConstitution Day
15.MarchBYConstitution Day
15.MarchHU1848 Revolution Memorial Day
17.MarchIESt. Patrick's Day
19.MarchLISt Joseph's Day
22.MarchALNevruz Day
25.MarchCYGreek Independence Day
25.MarchGRAnnunciation of the Lord
25.MarchSMAnniversary of the Arengo
1.AprilCYCyprus National Holiday
1.AprilSMInvestiture Ceremony of the Captains Regent 1
2.AprilBYUnion Day of Belarus and Russia
9.AprilGEIndependence Restoration Day
9.AprilXKConstitution Day of the Republic of Kosovo
18.AprilAD, DK, IS, NOMaundy Thursday
19.AprilAD, BA, CZ, DE, DK, EE, ES, FI, GB, GG, HU, IS, IM, JE, LV, LI, ME, NL, NO, SE, SKGood Friday
20.AprilADHoly Saturday
21.AprilAL, AT, BA, BE, DK, EE, FI, HU, IS, LT, LV, NL, NO, PL, SE, SI, SM, XKEaster Sunday
22.AprilAD, AT, BA, BE, CZ, DE, DK, FI, FR, GG, HR, HU, IE, IM, IS, IT, JE, LI, LT, LV, MC, ME, NL, NO, PL, SE, SI, SK, SM, XKEaster Monday
23.AprilTRNational Sovereignty and Children's Day
24.AprilAMGenocide Remembrance Day
25.AprilISFirst Day of Summer
25.AprilITLiberation Day
25.AprilITThe Feast of St Mark
26.AprilBA, BG, CY, GE, GR, ME, RO, RSOrthodox Good Friday
27.AprilAMCitizens' Day
27.AprilBG, GE, RSOrthodox Holy Saturday
27.AprilSIDay of Uprising Against Occupation
27.AprilNLKing's Birthday
28.AprilAL, BA, BG, GE, MD, ME, RO, RS, UAOrthodox Easter Sunday
29.AprilBA, BG, CY, GE, GR, MD, ME, RO, RS, UAOrthodox Easter Monday
30.AprilCYOrthodox Easter Tuesday (banks only)
30.AprilMDOrthodox Easter Monday holiday
30.AprilROPublic holiday
1.MayAD, AL, AM, AT, BA, BE, BG, BY, CY, CZ, DE, EE, ES, FI, FR, GR, HR, HU, IS, IT, LI, LT, LV, MC, MD, ME, NO, PL, RO, RS, RU, SE, SI, SK, SM, TR, UA, XKInternational Labor Day
2.MayBA, ME, RU, RS, SILabor Day (Day 2)
3.MayPLConstitution Day
3.MayRUSpring and Labor Day Holiday
4.MayLVIndependence Restoration Day
5.MayNLLiberation Day
6.MayBYRadonitsa Holiday
6.MayBGSt. George's Day
6.MayGG, IEMay Day
6.MayIM, JE, GBEarly May Bank Holiday
6.MayLVIndependence Restoration Day observed
6.MayMDMemorial Day/Parents' Day
7.MayBYRadonitsa Holiday
8.MayBYRadonitsa Holiday
8.MayCZ, FRWWII Victory Day
8.MaySKEnd of World War II
9.MayAM, BA, BY, GE, MD, RU, UAVictory Day
9.MayGG, JELiberation Day
9.MayXKEurope Day
10.MayGGLiberation Day (only Sark)
10.MayMDVictory Day holiday
10.MayRUDefender of the Fatherland Day holiday
12.MayGESt Andrew's Day
12.MayLVMothers' Day
17.MayDKGreat Prayer Day
17.MayNO17 May Constitution Day (1814)
19.MayTRCommemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day
21.MayMEIndependence Day
22.MayMDBălți Day
22.MayMEIndependence Day Holiday
24.MayBGCulture and Literacy Day
26.MayGEIndependence Day
27.MayGB, GG, JESpring Bank Holiday
27.MayIMLate May Bank Holiday
28.MayAMRepublic Day
30.MayAT, BE, DE, DK, FI, FR, IS, LI, MC, NL. NO, SEAscension Day
1.JuneMD, ROChildren's Day
2.JuneITRepublic Day
3.JuneIEJune Bank Holiday
3.JuneTRRamadan Feast Eve
4.JuneAL, BA, ME, TR, XKEnd of Ramadan
5.JuneBA, ME, TREnd of Ramadan Day 2
6.JuneME, TRRamadan Feast Day 3
6.JuneSENational day
6.JuneTRRamadan Feast Day 3
7.JuneIMT. T. Bank Holiday
7.JuneTRRamadan Feast Day 4
9.JuneBE, DK, FI, IS, LV, NL, NO, PL, SE, SIWhit Sunday
10.JuneAD, AT, BE, DE, DK, FR, HU, IS, LI, MC, NL, NOWhit Monday
12.JuneRURussia Day
16.JuneRO, UAOrthodox Pentecost
17.JuneCY, RO, UAOrthodox Pentecost Monday
17.JuneGROrthodox Holy Spirit Monday
17.JuneISIcelandic Republic Day
20.JuneAT, HR, LI, MC, PL, SMCorpus Christi
22.JuneHRDay of Antifascist Struggle
22.JuneFI, SEMidsummer
23.JuneEEVictory Day
23.JuneLVMidsummer Eve
24.JuneAD, ITFeast of Saint John
24.JuneEE, LVMidsummer Day
24.JuneLTSt John's Day/Day of Dew
25.JuneHR, SIStatehood Day
28.JuneUAConstitution Day
29.JuneITThe Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul (Rome)
3.JulyBYIndependence Day of the Republic of Belarus
5.JulyAMConstitution Day
5.JulyCZ, SKSaints Cyril and Methodius
5.JulyIMTynwald Day
6.JulyCZJan Hus Day
6.JulyLTKing Mindaugas Coronation Day
13.JulyMEStatehood Day
14.JulyFRBastille Day
14.JulyMEStatehood Day Holiday
15.JulyMEStatehood Day Holiday 
15.JulyTRDemocracy and National Unity Day
21.JulyBEBelgian National Day
28.JulySMAnniversary of the Fall of the Fascist Government
1.AugustCHSwiss National Day
5.AugustHRHomeland Thanksgiving Day
5.AugustGGSummer Bank Holiday (only Alderney)
5.AugustISCommerce Day
5.AugustIEAugust Bank Holiday
11.AugustBA, ME, TRFeast of the Sacrifice
12.AugustAL, BA, ME, TR, XKFeast of the Sacrifice
13.AugustME, TRFeast of the Sacrifice
14.AugustTRFeast of the Sacrifice
15.AugustAD, AT, BE, CY, ES, FR, GR, HR, IT, LT, MC, PL, RO, SI, SMAssumption of Mary
19.AugustHUHungary National Day holiday
20.AugustEEIndependence Restoration Day
20.AugustHUHungary National Day
24.AugustUAIndependence Day
26.AugustGG, IM, JESummer Bank Holiday 
26.AugustMD, UAIndependence Day
27.AugustMDIndependence Day
28.AugustGEDay of the Assumption of Mary
29.AugustSKNational Uprising Day
30.AugustTRVictory Day
31.AugustMDLanguage Day
1.SeptemberSKConstitution Day
3.SeptemberSMThe Feast of St Marinus and Republic Day
5.SeptemberALMother Teresa Beatification Day
6.SeptemberBGUnification Day
8.SeptemberADNational Day
8.SeptemberLINativity of Our Lady
15.SeptemberSKDay of Our Lady of Sorrows
19.SeptemberITThe Feast of Saint Januarius (Naples)
21.SeptemberAMIndependence Day
22.SeptemberBGIndependence Day
23.SeptemberBGIndependence Day observed
28.SeptemberCZSt. Wenceslas Day
1.OctoberCYCyprus Independence Day
1.OctoberSMInvestiture Ceremony of the Captains Regent 2
3.OctoberDEDay of German Unity
8.OctoberHRIndependence Day
8.OctoberMEYom Kippur
9.OctoberAT, MEYom Kippur
12.OctoberESHispanic Day
14.OctoberMDChisinau Day
14.OctoberUADefenders' Day
23.OctoberHU1956 Revolution Memorial Day
26.OctoberATNational Day
28.OctoberCY, GROchi Day
28.OctoberCZIndependent Czechoslovak State Day
28.OctoberIEOctober Bank Holiday
29.OctoberTRRepublic Day
31.OctoberSIReformation Day
1.NovemberAD, AT, BE,  FR, HR, HU, IT, LI, LT, MC, ME, PL, SK, All Saints' Day
1.NovemberSIRemembrance Day
2.NovemberFI, SE, SMAll Saints' Day
4.NovemberRUUnity Day
7.NovemberBYOctober Revolution Day
8.NovemberBYOctober Revolution Day 
11.NovemberBE, FR, RSArmistice Day
11.NovemberPLIndependence Day
17.NovemberCZ, SKFight for Freedom and Democracy Day
18.NovemberLVRepublic of Latvia Proclamation Day
19.NovemberMCNational Day
21.NovemberMDCahul Day
23.NovemberGESt George's Day
25.NovemberBAStatehood Day
28.NovemberALFlag and Independence Day
29.NovemberALLiberation Day
30.NovemberROSt Andrew's Day
1.DecemberRONational holiday
6.DecemberFIIndependence Day
6.DecemberESConstitution Day
7.DecemberITThe Feast of St. Ambrose (Milan)
8.DecemberALNational Youth Day
8.DecemberAD, AT,ES,  IT, LI, MC, SMFeast of the Immaculate Conception
9.DecemberALNational Youth Day 
15.DecemberGGHomecoming Day (only Alderney)
24.DecemberAD, BA, BG, CZ, EE, HU, IS, LI, LT, LV, SKChristmas Eve
25.DecemberAL, AD, AT, BA, BE, BG, BY, CY, CZ, DE, DK, EE, ES,
Christmas Day
26.DecemberAD, CY, DE, EE, FI, GB, GG, HU, IM, JE, NO, SE, SMBoxing Day
26.DecemberAT, CZ, HR, IE, IT, LI, SKSt. Stephen's Day
26.DecemberBG, DK, IS, LT, LV, NL, PL, ROSecond day of Christmas
26.DecemberGRSynaxis of the Mother of God
26.DecemberSIIndependence and Unity Day
27.DecemberHUBoxing Day 
31.DecemberAD, AM, IS, LI, LV, SMNew Year's Eve (Bank holiday)

Adding a holiday dimension or measure

You can either create a new look or dashboard using the holiday dimensions/measures or just explore an existing look or dashboard and add the dimensions/measures there. 

Example for using the dimension "Holiday Impact-Impacted by".

Example for using the measure "# Impacted by Holidays

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