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How to add a return portal to your website using deeplink

To start using your return portal, it is as simple as pasting the URL generated after publishing your portal into your webshop. 

To do so, we provide you two options, a general link, that can be used anywhere in your website, or a deep link, that can be used in your customers' accounts. 

Return Portal link

The Return portal link is the link direct to the login page. The customer must enter orderID and Email to access the Product overview page. 

Structure of Return Portal link<hash-id>


Deeplinking enables skipping of the first screen (Login) and lands the customer directly on the product overview screen.

The deep link is an embedded return portal URL which can only be used by shops that have a designated user account section on their websites. It can only be placed in the user's account section (e.g. embedded widgets). This link will allow the customer to directly login to the portal from the online shop, since the email and order ID verification will happen when opening the link. 

Structure of Deeplink

The <text> is a placeholder<hash-key>?order=<orderId>&email=<CustomerEmailAddress>

What is <hash-key> in the deeplink?

- The unique id on a localization level and country or region of return parcel

What is the order id in the deeplink?

- It is the OrderID, that you send via the API 

What is the email in the deeplink?

- It is the customer email, that you send via the API

Example structure of deeplink:

Return Portal Showcase

Step 1: Login page. The customer has to type in the order id and email to enter the return portal. It can be skipped with deeplink.

Step 2: Confirmation - A deep link can be generated to direct to the confirmation page.

Step 3: Download Label - After confirming they would like to create a return, the label will be generated and can be downloaded by your customer.

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