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Return Portal Implementation

Please note that the Seven Senders Return Portal only requires the standard Seven Senders integration of Orders and Shipments to work. If you have already completed this integration then the Return Portal should already work. If not, this guide covers all the required information to connect to the Seven Senders API in order to use the Return Portal.

For your customer to use your return portal, you need to create an orders and shipments. Once an order and shipment has been created your customer will be able to login to your Return Portal and create a return. 

Note: Before using the API you need to be authorised to get access to your API token.

Create an Order

Orders are created by using the POST operation of the Order endpoint (POST /Order). Detailed documentation on how to create orders can be found here

Note: The order_id is the order number the customer will be required to enter, along with their email address, to access your return portal

Create a Shipment

Shipments are created by using the POST operation of the Shipment endpoint (POST/Shipment). Detailed documentation on how to create shipments can be found here

Note: customer_email is the email of the recipient. It is required along with the order id to enter your return portal.


Push Shipment Events

Shipment events are created by using the POST operation of the 'shipment' endpoint (POST/ShipmentEvent). Detailed documentation can be found here. If you want to track the entire returns process please send us the following events:

  • Refunded - When you have processed the refund for the order
  • Returned to warehouse - When the return parcel has reached the final warehouse

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