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About Return Portals

Return Portal allows you to save money and deliver an enhanced customer experience by replacing a label in the box with a branded return portal. 

Return portals are available in 14 languages (including the return reasons)

We also offer a standard return portal 'Return Portal' and a pro version 'Return Portal Pro' which has advanced features but requires an additional integration

How does the return portal work


Return portals can be accessed via a link. If deep-linking is enabled, users will be able to access the return portal without any authentication. If not, users must enter their an order ID and email to authenticate they've made an order in your shop.


Once the user has entered their order number and email address they will be asked to confirm that they want to create a return for this order

Download Label

Once the user has requested the return and the label has been created, the user will see the confirmation screen, where they will be able to download the label. A confirmation email, also with the label, will be sent as well.

If you want to know how to set up your own return portal please see this article: Creating and editing a Return Portal or Return Portal Pro

Difference between Return Portal and Return Portal Pro

The difference between Return Portals and Return Portal Pros is that Return Portal Pros user order items. This allows you to include products within the return process and offers pro features not available in the standard return portal. These include: 

  1. Customer being able to select which products to return and why (see below)
  2. Allowing customers to keep items if they are under a certain value 
  3. Detailed data on returned products available within Seven Senders Analytics. 

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