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Return Portal Pro - Return Reasons

Return Reasons

This is a complete list of all currently available return reasons for use with the Return Portal Pro. For additional reasons please contact your Key Account Manager 

General reasons:

  • Item not as described
  • Wrong item received
  • I didn’t order this item
  • I don’t like this item
  • Item arrived too late 
  • Item no longer needed
  • Item below expected quality
  • Wrong item ordered
  • Item too expensive / Found a better price
  • Item has already been used
  • Item is broken


  • Item is expired
  • I am allergic to this item
  • Item is mouldy / defective
  • Wrong size delivered

Cosmetics / hygiene:

  • Item is expired
  • I am allergic to this item
  • Wrong size delivered
  • Colour of item does not suit me

Apparel / Shoes / Fashion

  • Item is too large
  • Item is too small
  • Item is different size than ordered
  • Material and fabric do not match
  • Item is defective
  • Item fit does not suit me
  • Item is not comfortable
  • Item is too short
  • Item is too long
  • Item is too skinny
  • Item is too wide
  • Ordered more than one size to choose from


  • Problems with display
  • Item does not turn on/off
  • Missing accessory
  • Defective accessories
  • Model / version / capacity does not match description
  • Item is difficult to operate

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