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Configurable Text and Translations

Configurable Text and Translations allows you to customise the text content within the return portal in all the languages we support. 

Customise and translate text

Step 1: Download the CSV file with all the strings in the return portal and translations of the default context in the Translation tab

Step 2: Make changes and update all translations in the downloaded CSV file

(The original CSV file template) 

(CSV file with customised wordings)

 Step 3: Upload the CSV file with customised wordings and translations

 Step 4: Publish translations 

Preview Changes

All the changes can be found in the “Mobile preview” on the right hand side. With the language dropdown, it is able to switch between the languages supported by 7S t is able to view the preview of different screens with the screen switch button. 

Note: It is on the account level, meaning the customised wordings and translations will be applied to all the return portals under this account 

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