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Getting started the API integration



Seven Senders is the leading delivery platform for international delivery. Our goal is to connect shippers with last-mile carriers and provide a range of services to optimize the delivery process.

This section guides you through all steps needed to integrate with Seven Senders API if you want to integrate our Professional or Premium Service Bundle.

API documentation

The API documentation contains the definition of all end-points. You can also use it to try these calls out. The Seven Senders API, as well as its documentation, is accessible under the link:

Data flows

The interaction with Seven Senders API consists of the following main flows.

1. Authentication

Seven Senders API secures your data and requires authorization for all API requests. Start the integration from the page: Authentication

2. Ingest data

Your journey starts from providing Seven Senders with order and shipment data from your system. The best way to do that is to send it record-by-record shortly after its creation in your system. Continue the integration on the page: Ingest data

3. Generate carrier labels

You can create shipping labels for various carriers using a single end-point in Seven Senders API: Create and download carrier labels

4. Add extra events to your order and shipments

To get the best out of our analytics, you may provide our platform with additional events that happened to orders and shipments in your system. Find out more here: Add extra events

5. Consume tracking events

We gather tracking information for your shipments from different sources and transform it into a list of well-defined events. Learn how to access this data using the API: Get tracking events

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