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Seven Senders API secures your data and requires authorization for all API requests. To access the data with the API, you need to obtain the security credentials (access key) from your contact manager at Seven Senders.

Request a token

Receive a secure access token for the session by sending POST token request with your permanent access key.

The successful operation returns a token that you have to use with all other API requests. It is valid for the next 60 minutes after its generation.

Note: You don't have to generate a token for every request. Use a single one for multiple requests during your session. If it can take longer than 60 minutes, you may set up a logic to request a new token once the previous one gets expired.

Secure API calls

Include the received access token inside the 'Authorization' header for every API request.



    "Authorization": "Bearer YOUR_TOKEN"

In case of an invalid or expired token, the API returns a 401 Status code in response.

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