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Carriers providing a tracking code only after the first hub scan

The majority of European carriers accept a new shipment immediately after a request by providing a tracking number. You have to use this tracking code to create a shipment on the Seven Senders platform. But some carriers don't work that way. They will only give you the tracking number when the shipment has been scanned for the first time inside their hub (First Hub Scan event). Before a shipment gets scanned inside the carrier's hub, you have to provide it with a Reference NumberĀ that will act as a unique identifier for this shipment inside the carrier's system.

Carriers that behave that way

  • Bartolini (BRT) for Italy


Normally, when you create a shipment inside your Seven Senders account, you provide a tracking number for each of them (cf. documentation below):

But with those carriers, you will need to create shipments without this information by providing us with a Reference Number for each.

When you ask the carrier to deliver the shipment

You need to create a shipment inside your Seven Senders account with the following information:

  • Reference Number
    • For BRT use the "numeric reference number" that they provide for each shipment

Seven Senders retrieves the tracking code for you

We are integrated with BRT to assign the correct tracking code for every shipment automatically. That is why the reference number that BRT is using must match the one you used on your Seven Senders account.

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