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3. Get tracking events

With Premium or Professional service bundle, you can get tracking data in text format via Seven Senders API. There are two ways to consume the updates: incremental or all-at-once.



Tracking events are collected from carriers and translated to the unified list. The entire list of events can be found under the link: Explaining Seven Senders Events

Events Queue

Using the queue end-point, you can consume the recent updates for your shipments and orders. A single message contains a record about a status change and events triggering it. We recommend building a scheduled task to request these updates regularly. You can find more details under the link: Subscribing to shipment events via SQS

Shipment History

You can retrieve all events for a shipment for a given timestamp. The end-point return an array of records (creation_date, event, description). See more in the API docs: GET shipment-history

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